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Levi’s Twisted Originals – Episode 6 – The Finale

After getting into a tangle Fingers, Bernie and Hopper are at the local cop shop. Fingers cannot believe his girlfriend […]

Twisted Originals Episode 5 – Urinal Unrest

Fingers, Bernie and Hopper are at the urinal. The Twisted Originals are doing what they do best… being weird.

Twisted Originals Podcast Now Available on iTunes

The Twisted Originals animated series is now available to download to your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch for FREE! Just visit […]

Levi’s Twisted Originals – Episode 4

After the liaison with the woman at Fingers’ warehouse party, Hopper is on a massive high. In fact his ego […]

Levi’s Twisted Originals – Episode 3

At one of Fingers’ warehouse parties he has taken loser/ advertising exec, Hopper, to one side to give him a […]

Levi’s Twisted Originals – Episode 2 – Sh*t Interview

Fingers is desperate to get money and fund his graffiti parties… he needs a job. The person who he just […]

Levi’s Twisted Originals Shop Display

Here are some images from the Levi’s store in London, using the Twisted Originals display, some of the panels of […]

Twisted Originals Episode 1 – Brought to you by Levi’s Engineered Jeans

This is the first episode of the twisted originals, now live on

‘Twisted Originals’ New Animation Project for Levi’s Jeans Launches Tonight

Something which i have been keeping under my hat for a while now is the Levi’s Twisted Originals project i […]