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Updated 2013 Motion Graphics Reel

Realised i had let my reel go without an update for a while now, so i added a bunch of new projects.

New reel will come as soon as i can find a suitable soundtrack… which may be a while as i get pretty anal about the ‘suitable’ part.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter if you have any comments. Enjoy :)

Guest speaker at After Effects + Cinema 4D meetup group

Speaking at this event located at Chromacode studios, Haggerston, London. Tickets are free so please come along.

Heineken – Future Bottle Design Challenge

Working together with Shoreditch based start up ‘Knock Knock productions’, we won the pitch to create this animation for Heineken’s ‘Future Bottle’ campaign. We pulled together a great team and completed this animation to a tight deadline. The main thing was that it was great working in such a motivated environment.

Full project credits can be found here .

Motion Capture Light Painting Experiment

Was just playing around with some MoCap data and effects in Cinema 4D and came up with this. Really liked the shapes created by tracking the movement of the subject. Almost looks like a graffiti piece.

Music is DMT by Flying Lotus. My favourite album of the year so far buy it here

NDCS Animated Film ‘Am i the only deaf teenager’

The National Deaf Children’s Society approached me to direct a viral animation aimed at young deaf teenagers. The film needed to be motivational and provide information about where they could find support, the challenge was communicating this in way that deaf people could connect with and understand. For this reason it not only needed a typographic approach, but also illustrated in a way that enforces each point as literally as possible. When tested on a focus group of young deaf people the response was overwhelming as they felt it really connected with them. We worked hard to conform to the film to their needs as much as possible and the result was incredibly rewarding.

Vector Meldrew – “Big in Japan!”

The lovely people over at Maxon interviewed me about my career as a designer from how i started out to where i am now. You can read the article over on their site.

WaterAid – Waterworks Campaign

Wateraid promote clean water and sanitation in africa, a problem that kills 4,000 children every day. They approached me to handle what was to be a global campaign named ‘Waterworks’ for this i directed a motion graphics film and created a series of info-graphics for print and digital.

Thanks to filmmaker Adam Beasley for the hook up on this one, also Beth & Tom @ Wateraid.

Music & sound design – Echoic Audio

Motion Graphics Reel 2011

motion graphics reel for opening title sequences, idents and commercials. Videos have been used for broadcast tv, music videos, film, computer games and digital

Action For Happiness – Charity Launch Film

Spent the past couple of weeks over at Fallon films working on this nice little piece around the subject of happiness.

Was a good project to be involved with for a new charity launching called ‘Action for Happiness’

Massive thanks to Thomas Ormonde & James Lowrey over at Fallon Films and also Rob Hunter and Nicos Livesey who worked on the project with me.

Goldeneye Smartphone Cutscene Animations

Finally got round to putting together an edit of the cutscene motion graphics i created for Goldeneye 007. The style is developed from the original MK12 graphics used in the ‘Quantum of Solace’ film however they have been updated to 2010 and animated in a new and unique way. These come up between missions throughout the game and show the player details of the next mission.

Due to copyright issues with voiceovers i could not put up the movies in their entirety so have made this edit of the key parts.

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